The Most Important Aspects of A Great Explainer Video

The Most Important Aspects of A Great Explainer Video

Quality video is important for branding and image, but the most important aspects aren’t in the visuals.

What are the most important aspects of good Explainer Video?

Know The Audience: It’s an overview of the basics involved in figuring out who your target audience is in terms of your overall business model.

Brand Messaging: Insightful, useful, and not too long.

Once you have your ideal and target personas in mind, you can mash that up with the message you want conveyed in your explainer video. A great explainer video is created with clear goals. The video is not created to simply fill up space on a web page. The video is designed to trigger an intended result.

The Problem: Use visuals to show the story of how the audience experiences the problem.

The Solution: How the product or service solves the problem.

How the Product/Service Works: Explain how the unique features of the product or service solve the problem.

Call to Action: Tell the audience exactly what they need to do next to acquire the product or service and solve their problem.

PROCESS – Yes, It’s As Simple As It Gets

Script Writing: Great videos always have scripts.

  • Use simple language
  • Simplify concepts and ideas
  • Deliver information
  • Match the tone of the brand

Voice-over: The quickest way to ruin a great video is to use low-quality or unprofessional voice-overs in production.

  • Use voice talent
  • Don’t go with the first voice-over you hear
  • Use the right recording software

Visuals: Don’t stop short on visual production.

  • Visuals should support the text
  • Don’t worry about being too fancy with graphics and visuals
  • But visuals also shouldn’t be too basic

A powerful explainer video that will captivate, educate, and convert your audience.

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