There are various styles of explainer videos. Every style has its own charm and is unique in its own way. Most people choose the style for explainer video depending on their choice and what they think would match their industry. Even though every style of explainer video is compatible with every industry, but there are some styles which most people like to stick to. For example, most finance industries prefer getting whiteboard or kinetic typography style of explainer video because they explain complex messages in a single way. Brands from applications and software industry like to go with infographic or motion graphic style. However, none of the styles is restricted to any industry and that’s the beauty of explainer videos. They can be used by every industry, in every style, for every purpose. Here are some of the top explainer video styles:

2D Cartoon Animation:
2D Cartoon Animation is one of the most popular and commonly used styles of explainer videos. In this kind of video, characters are illustrated and then animated. They then convey the message from the company to the viewer in an engaging and memorable manner. Use of characters and attractive colors make the video attractive, attracting prospects towards it. The storytelling skills in a 2D Cartoon Animation is excellent and are a great source of B2B and B2C communication.

Here is an example of 2D Cartoon Explainer Video we created at Coco Video Production for our top rated client Walmart:

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