Research & Script

The very first step for an Explainer Video Production is to understand the project and requirements. Our project analysts do a complete analysis of the project and gather as much information as they can to come up with a script. Our dedicated script writers along with art directors create the main storyline based on the information and requirements.

Storyboard & Illustration

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We have a pool of voice over artists from all around the world who can record a voice over for your explainer video in different languages and accents. Whether you need Australian Accent, German Voice Over, or Russian Video, our talented voice over artists can record a professional voice over for your explainer video.

Graphic & Animation

The last and the most important stage for an explainer video production. At this stage, life is added to the still graphics, characters, and illustrations from the Storyboard. All the graphics are animated, background music, and sound effects are added. Final Editing is also done at this stage to make sure the video is perfect from every aspect producing a premium quality explainer video as output.

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