There are many things – ideas, information, or updates – that you have to convey to your audience. Explainer videos are intended to have a two-pronged effect – to explain and to capture attention. To stay relevant in this age of ruthless social media marketing, it is most crucial to have your own explainer videos.

An explainer video is a potent device by which you can share content on social media. Keeping them short and succinct, while taking the aid of captivating animation themes will ensure that the audience is enthusiastic to learn more about your venture.

A Viral video: However strong the marketing pitch of an explainer video may be, the intention is NOT to just gather views and likes as in the case of a viral video.

A Tutorial: An explainer video isn’t a tutorial either. It is supposed to be a short, to-the-point video, written to strictly adhere to a script and turning it into a tutorial will defeat its purpose.

A Company Overview: An explainer video is not focused on your company, but rather on the specific product or service that you are offering.

A Product Demonstration: An explainer video focuses on explaining to your targeted customer why they need to avail of your product or service. Avoids the technicalities of how the product or service actually works.

Thing You Should Consider

Understand your target: To make a successful explainer video. It is imperative that you work towards an explicit goal, instead of just making random videos.

Understand simplicity: Simplicity is the backbone of a great explainer video.

Build A Concept

Creating a concept is an extremely important component to making your explainer video shine. It’s also one of the most collaborative parts of the process.

Creatives & Ideas: With a list of rough concepts to choose from, pick the best ones – the one that are unique and creative.

Pitching Your Concept: From there, polish things up into a pitch deck with a mock script, detailed written description, related visuals, and reference videos that help you understand our video concepts. It’s important to remember that these are still high level approaches to your corporate video.

At the end of the day, a solid concept can make all the difference in the world.

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