Why Your Business Story Should Be Told With An Explainer Video

Why Your Business Story Should Be Told With An Explainer Video

What Is An Explainer Video?

It is a short video that tells your story to your visitors. It explains in a simple, easy to understand way, what product or service you provide and how it can help to solve the problems of your prospective clients. If your explainer video is convincing enough, it will lead to a much higher website conversion, drastically reducing your bounce rates.

Why Explainer Videos?

The attention span of internet users is decreasing by the day. They scan through your website without in-depth reading or understanding of your sales copy. However, an explainer video can help slow them down so they can stay longer on your landing page, understand what you do, get interested in your product/services and ultimately make a purchase from you. The best way to do all the above mentioned is to tell your story with the help of an explainer video.

Benefits Of Deploying An Engaging Explainer Video To Your Website Landing Page

You can quickly get people excited about your product with your videos. Here are two reasons why you should have an animated explainer video on your company website.

Increase Conversion Rate: Visitors are more likely to purchase a product from you if they first saw your explainer video. This has proven to be true with sales data from CrazyEgg which states that their conversion rates increased by 64% after deploying an animated explainer video.

Improved Search Engine Rankings: Google ranks websites with videos better than those without one. For instance, if you make a search on google on how to knot a tie, your search results will contain both text and videos. Are you going to click on the text version or a video result? The website with a video has been ranked higher than other sites without it, leading to more sales.

Final Thoughts…

Your start-up can benefit from explainer videos as it might be the little kick it needs to start rolling! Take advantage of this marketing strategy and help your business move pass wobbling to walking, running and finally flying! To see quick results, it is important that your marketing video is done by an experienced animation producer company

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