Give your SEO a boost

All it takes is producing an animated video and embedding it on your homepage or landing page. By doing so, you are going to encourage individuals to remain more in your website and in turn will probably inspire Google calculations to rank your web page high inside their research rank.

You are certain to receive your new more vulnerability by simply bringing your own video into YouTube. It’s also going to guarantee your video lands packed with Google search benefits. Google and YouTube are taking part in with equal team today. The video hosted on YouTube rank higher from the internet search engine, especially in the event the name and description comprises the most suitable key terms. Remember that YouTube itself may be your 2nd biggest internet search engine online, therefore it is worth it to release your online video.

Increase web traffic

A study from Forrester Research demonstrated that it’s 50 times easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video.

Publishing a video on YouTube and investing in SEO will help you reach a higher position on the platform and redirect more traffic to your website. Animated explainers in your email newsletter, blog posts, and social media will also drive more people to your site.

Create a captivating social media presence.

Animated explainers offer the best way to deliver your business message in a straightforward and enticing way that social media users find attractive. Consumers have incredibly short attention spans these days. They especially love to browse social platforms and watch short animations in silent mode.

Animated videos can seriously enhance your social media efforts because they are versatile and engaging. Therefore, they instantly attract users and resonate with their emotions. And that’s also why animations are so shareable. Videos shared on social media are also mobile friendly and appeal to consumers who access social networks from their mobile devices.

Bring on high-quality conversions

Consumers spend 100% more time on landing pages that include a video than on all other types of landing pages.

It’s no secret that video brings more high-quality conversions. And the same goes for animated explainers.

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