Video Production Company or Video Production Agency

Video Production Company or Video Production Agency

If you’re interested in using video to fuel your content marketing initiative, you’ve probably asked yourself whether you should be looking for Video Production Company services, or Video Production Agency services.

There are a few pretty big differences between both that you need to know about before you’re informed enough to make that decision.

Video Production Company

Companies that offer video production services, in a nutshell, will help you shoot and edit videos.

Most video production companies offer services like:

  • Camera operation
  • Set creation
  • Scripting
  • Editing

If you hire a video production company, they are typically only focused on making a video, that they will then hand off to you, and aren’t necessarily focused on the results that a marketing video can deliver.

Video Production Agency

Video Production Agency are a bit more involved than video production services. A Video Production Agency will still help you shoot and edit videos, but you’ll also get the added value of having someone to help you market your videos, and make sure they get the results you need to grow your business.

While the scope of Video Production Agencies can vary, in general, they’re a much better choice for growing your business than a video production company.

Some of the Video Production Agency services offered by a Video Production Agency may include:

  • Assessment of your marketing funnel & sales pipeline
  • Strategic planning
  • Creation of collateral (banner ads, landing pages, emails, etc.)
  • Roll-out and promotion of new content
  • Campaign analysis & reporting

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