Facebook has one billion active users around the world. Many things impact the success of your Facebook video campaign. Of course, your content has to be easy to comprehend as well as presented in an easy and engaging way.

Just posting a video on Facebook and relying on its organic reach will not get you the engagement that you want. Facebook allows users to sponsor their posts to reach the right target group.

Video’s Length

1 minute is the optimal length for a Facebook video.

Love at first sight

Choose a great thumbnails attract viewers attention while they are scrolling through their feed.

Let’s look at some features of Facebook to promote your Animated Explainer Video:

  • Facebook gives you the possibility to choose a video instead of the Cover image.
  • According to the statistics, 85% of people watch videos without turning on the sound. This is why it’s smart to add subtitles or captions to your video.
  • Use the Featured video option to showcase your best work.
  • Use emojis

The greatest thing of video promotion on Facebook is that your money leads your brand to those who are actually interested in your product or service, so this makes it easy for your explainer video to convert. So,  Explainer videos are an excellent tool to achieve these goals.

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