Quality video is important for branding and image, but the most important aspects aren’t in the visuals.

What are the most important aspects of good Explainer Video?

Know The Audience: It’s an overview of the basics involved in figuring out who your target audience is in terms of your overall business model.

Brand Messaging: Insightful, useful, and not too long.

Once you have your ideal and target personas in mind, you can mash that up with the message you want conveyed in your explainer video. A great explainer video is created with clear goals. The video is not created to simply fill up space on a web page. The video is designed to trigger an intended result.

The Problem: Use visuals to show the story of how the audience experiences the problem.

The Solution: How the product or service solves the problem.

How the Product/Service Works: Explain how the unique features of the product or service solve the problem.

Call to Action: Tell the audience exactly what they need to do next to acquire the product or service and solve their problem.

PROCESS – Yes, It’s As Simple As It Gets

Script Writing: Great videos always have scripts.

  • Use simple language
  • Simplify concepts and ideas
  • Deliver information
  • Match the tone of the brand

Voice-over: The quickest way to ruin a great video is to use low-quality or unprofessional voice-overs in production.

  • Use voice talent
  • Don’t go with the first voice-over you hear
  • Use the right recording software

Visuals: Don’t stop short on visual production.

  • Visuals should support the text
  • Don’t worry about being too fancy with graphics and visuals
  • But visuals also shouldn’t be too basic

A powerful explainer video that will captivate, educate, and convert your audience.

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